Best Cheap Fishing Rods for 2014

1) Shakespeare Ugly Stik-

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik brand is the highest rated and most respected brand of fishing poles. Shakespeare was started in 1897, which means the company has over 108 years of experience! They have used their knowledge to produce the best fishing poles every made. There are a variety of Ugly Stik poles to choose, ranging from freshwater to deep sea salt water fishing. I personally have 5 Ugly Stik fishing poles and believe they are the best poles ever made. Years of experience and some personal bias puts Ugly Stik first on the list.

2) Cabela’s Whuppin Stick $24.99-$29.99-

Cabela’s is a company dedicated to nature and the outdoors. Their stores are the best in the nation and provide customers with an extremely unique experience. Cabela’s uses its knowledge of nature to create the perfect outdoor products. The Whuppin Stick is a prime example of Cabela’s creating quality equipment. 92% of customers say that they would recommend the Whuppin Stick to a friend. The combination of amazing reviews, cool name, and cheap price makes the Whupping Stick number 2.

3) Daiwa Spinmatic Rods $29.99-34.99-

Daiwa’s mission is to create the most innovative products on the market. Amazingly they are able to do so while simultaneously keeping costs down. The first feature to look at is Daiwa’s unique “x-treme guide system”. The guides are specifically designed to increase power, strength, and hook potential. This translates into less fish getting away. The rod is made of high performance graphite material accompanied with a classic cork handle. The lightweight rod is designed to feel every nibble while having the strength to land the big fish and that’s why it comes in at number 3.

4) Eagle Claw Water Eagle $24.99-$29.99-

Eagle Claw is widely known for their amazing hooks and tackle but they also offer some fishing rods. The water eagle rod combined with an Eagle Claw hook is a forced to be reckoned with. This is a low cost rod with the strength to hold up against large catfish. It is one of a few rods for under $30 that has the durability to fish the large rivers for countless weekends. Its extreme strength and durability puts the Water Eagle in the number 4 spot.

5) Berkley Glowstik Catfish Spinning Rods $38.99-$48.99-

As the name suggests this is a rod that is meant for catfish in total darkness. The rod is coated with a material that absorbs light and then emits that energy at night. This glow can last up to 10 hours but incase the glow ends early a back up led system will suffice. This is a great rod for anyone who likes to fish in complete darkness with multiple rods. The glowstik is a great rod with an added bonus of glowing through the night. It should be higher on the list but at almost double the price of the other rods it sneaks in at number 5.